豬屎豆 Crotalaria pallida 

莢果豬屎豆 Crotalaria pallida var.obovata(G.Don) Polhill

植物的名字總是千奇百怪,有來自印度的可愛花豬腸豆,本地的黑面神,小花十萬錯等等。豬屎豆這個名字並不雅緻,但植物本身也有可觀之處。豬屎豆是多年生草本灌木,還有大葉,長葉,亮葉之分。請注意幼莖、葉及種子有毒。豬屎豆可以吸引亮灰蝴蝶, 他們偏愛這種植物。


豬屎豆 Crotalaria pallida 
英文名:Smooth Critalaria, Pallid Rattlebox, Pallid Rattle-box
豆科,蝶形花科 Fabaceae
豬屎豆屬 Crotalaria

  • The plant can be used in gardening. It’s perennial herbs or sub-shrub-like. For medical use, its suggested to be collected cauline leaves in autumn, threshed down the legume and seed, sun-dried or used fresh.
  • Be caution about its seeds and young leaves, they are poison.
  • Can be found on roadsides, rural areas.
豬屎豆 總狀花序頂生Racemes
豬屎豆 總狀花序頂生Racemes


豬屎豆 Crotalaria pallida
豬屎豆 Crotalaria pallida


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