蓖麻 Ricimus communis Linn.

帶毒亦可拔毒的蓖麻 Ricimus communis Linn.




蓖麻 Ricimus communis Linn.
大戟科 Euphorbiaceae
蓖麻屬 Ricinus
英文名:Palm of Christ, Castor-oil Plant

蓖麻葉片單葉掌狀分裂, 5-6裂片 ,邊緣有鋸齒,互生無毛。波蛺蝶幼蟲最愛吃蓖麻的葉片。

蓖麻花雌雄同株,上部生紅色雌花,下部生黃白色雄花。軟刺蒴果卵球形或近球形 。


  • The whole plant is poison yet its fruits and flowers are spectacularly interesting in gardens
  • It can perform many medical treatment despite its very poison. It earns the title as one of the most poisonous plants in the world. It is strongly recommended to ask for professional medical advice before applying it.
  • Mistakenly eating the seeds will lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea or even shock and death.




成熟種子種子長圓形,微扁平,曬乾入藥。中藥名: 蓖麻子
成熟種子種子長圓形,微扁平,曬乾入藥。中藥名: 蓖麻子






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